Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Orville Waugh Collection

I have vintage photographs of Madison County Indiana from the 1920's-1940s. Many photos of extended family and friends from Madison County, Pike County Ohio and Latham County Ohio. Sir Names: Waugh, Farren, Stansberry, Ellsworth, Carter, Hensley, Washer, Smith, Hutton, McNeal, Berkenbine, Wolfe, Moneyhun, Stanley, Frank, Krugler,Hupp, Covert, Calkins, Burdsall, Gaffney, Austin, Gatten, Wilt, Copeland, Elliott, Briggs, Howenstine.

Access to these photographs is limited to authorized members of the subject familes. Anyone wishing to see the photographs on-line must contact me directly for permission. These photographs are not for publication or resale.

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