Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Slide Presentation

Here is a collection of Orville Waugh Photographs that feature places and sights from mostly around Madison County Indiana, Indianapolis, and Cincinnatti Ohio. Click the picture above to start the slide presentation.

The Orville Waugh Collection

I have vintage photographs of Madison County Indiana from the 1920's-1940s. Many photos of extended family and friends from Madison County, Pike County Ohio and Latham County Ohio. Sir Names: Waugh, Farren, Stansberry, Ellsworth, Carter, Hensley, Washer, Smith, Hutton, McNeal, Berkenbine, Wolfe, Moneyhun, Stanley, Frank, Krugler,Hupp, Covert, Calkins, Burdsall, Gaffney, Austin, Gatten, Wilt, Copeland, Elliott, Briggs, Howenstine.

Access to these photographs is limited to authorized members of the subject familes. Anyone wishing to see the photographs on-line must contact me directly for permission. These photographs are not for publication or resale.